研究内容Research Content


Our research activities are mainly in the field of transportation, such as transportation demand management (TDM), public transportation policy, and transportation network analysis. Furthermore, we have been conducting a wide range of research: regional studies such as the effective utilization of roadside stations; disaster prevention planning such as the optimization of logistics during disasters. We conduct not only theoretical analysis and analysis using Big-Data, but also interview surveys and questionnaires to identify the regional problem and make our research activities helpful to the residents. We also try to activate the local community by providing opportunities to exchange opinions with the residents, such as holding events at a roadside station and organizing a field test of an on-demand bus service.

Paramicsを用いて作成した道路ネットワーク Road network created using paramics

Paramicsを用いて作成した道路ネットワーク Road network created using paramics

研究室の一日A Day in the Lab


Our laboratory does not set a core hour due to the wide variety of research topics. Students can therefore conduct their research activities at his/her own pace with self-responsibility. Other than the thesis, students have opportunities to attend conferences and make presentations on their studies. Faculty members and senior students will work (hard) together to help with the research activities. Our motto is " Play hard when you play" and " Study hard when you study". We enjoy lunchtime together, playing sports and games sometimes, and having a good time together besides our research activities. In addition, since many international students are in our laboratory, we actively encourage intercultural communications through research activities, laboratory trips, and other events. In this way, you can enjoy a fulfilling student life with invaluable fellows regardless of age or nationality.

秋田高専・香川高専との交流会 Mr. Takahashi's (left) and Mr. Itoh's (right) birthday party

秋田高専・香川高専との交流会 Mr. Takahashi's (left) and Mr. Itoh's (right) birthday party


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