研究内容Research Content

橋は人々の快適な暮らしを支える重要な構造物であり、私達の住んでいる町には多くの橋が架かっています。 橋は様々な材料で造られていますが、鋼構造研究室では鋼で作られている橋(鋼橋)を中心とした研究を行っています。
鋼橋と一言で言っても様々な構造形式があり、それぞれ異なる特徴や性質を持っています。その特徴、性質の違いによって発生する挙動の解析や、有限要素解析汎用ソフトDIANAを用いた有限要素解析、耐候性鋼材の用いられた橋梁の腐食状況の調査、CFRP(炭素繊維強化プラスチック)による橋梁の補修・補強効果の検討、 橋梁の維持管理に向けた構造ヘルスモニタリングに関する研究等を行っています。

Bridges are structures that support people's lifestyles surrounding us in the town we live. Despite bridges can be constructed with several materials, this laboratory focus on the study of steel bridges. Steel bridges can hardly be described in one word because of the different forms, characteristics, and properties they possess. In our lab, we conduct studies such as the analysis of the different behavior steel bridges have depended on their different characteristics through finite element analysis using DIANA, a finite element analysis software. As well as conduct examinations of corrosion state on bridges using weather resistant steel materials, we also take into consideration the reinforcement/repairing effects on bridges using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP), and conduct structural health monitoring oriented to the maintenance of bridges, between some other research studies.

飛来塩分計測に使用するガーゼ作成の様子 making of a gauze used to measure flying salts

飛来塩分計測に使用するガーゼ作成の様子 making of a gauze used to measure flying salts

研究室の一日A Day in the Lab


In the steel structures research laboratory, there is no core time, everyone makes progress on their own investigations at their own pace. Structural analysis and model experiments, maintenance of the experiment utensils, preparation of documents for meetings about your research topic, make your own schedule to not waste time, that is how the laboratory members spend our days here. Being said this; we do not spend all day just in our own research. There is chatting between the members, eat souvenirs all together, there exists a loose face of this laboratory. Even when there is group work on making or maintaining of experimental devices, we talk about our own hobbies to make livly this lab so, it feels like a good place to be. There is also competition tournaments with other labs and the Nagaoka fireworks event with the members you get along. While you focus on your research, you can actively enjoy your college student life. Justlike the catchphrase above "a funny lab that brings people together."

研究室内の様子 aspect of the laboratory

研究室内の様子 aspect of the laboratory


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