研究内容Research Content

私たちは、生活基盤を陰から支え守る地盤に関連した研究を行っています。自然災害が多く、国土の狭い日本では、有効な地下空間の活用や、災害に強い地盤の形成が日々求められています。このようなニーズに対して、都市空間の地中構造物を対象としたモデル構築、数値解析などの実践的な研究に取り組んでいます。 また、砂・粘土を対象とした室内要素試験による基礎研究、新幹線から発生する振動を効率的に抑制する方法の検討などを行っており、我々の生活に安全と安心を提供するため日々研究に邁進しています。

We are conducting research on the ground that supportsour living infrastructure. In Japan, with many natural disasters and narrow national land, it is necessary to effectively utilize the underground space and to form a soil that is strong against disasters. In response to these needs, we study construction models and numerical analysis for urban underground structures. In addition, we are doing basic research on indoor element tests for sand / clay, examining ways to efficiently suppress vibration generated from Shinkansen, etc. We are striving hard to study these interesting topics every day.

解析モデル図 Analysis model diagram

解析モデル図 Analysis model diagram

研究室の一日A Day in the Lab


Students in the laboratory are divided into analysis teams and experimental teams, each with their particula research topics. We use our time to check data that is later used for numerical analysis, preparation of analysis programs, sample preparation for experiments, and so on. Depending on the research content, it may take a long time, but by planning with sharpness it is possible to make the most out of the available time and acquire a schedule management ability.
Besides research, there are also events such as ball games and conference presentations, fireworks and more!
In these events, everyone in the laboratory is working together and enjoying themselves with full power!

三軸試験 Triaxial test

三軸試験 Triaxial test


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  • 豊田 浩史 教授